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Screen printing:

This method of printing by the passage of ink through a polyester frame stretched on a frame (SCREEN) is very old.


Caught up by digital technologies, UV or thermal screen printing remains a realistic qualitative solution for many productions that can not be printed in any other way.


With a "process" involving fixed start-up costs, screen printing is not suitable for small series. The advantage is a deep "color" rendering and good resistance over time. Your stickers can be cut to the desired shape and your plexi productions can be laser cut for a finishing of the songs.


As a finishing, the stickers can be "dômés", that is to say covered with a rubberized resin protection (see video below).

The screen printing also allows the printing of high gloss UV varnish with or without marking as finishing documents (see video below).


1) The supports

- Vinyl stickers;

- Ultra-destructible vinyls;

- anti-reflective PVC;

- Other plastics (PE, PS, PP);

- The cardboards ;

- magnetic rubbers;

- Glass ;

- Plexiglass;

- anodized aluminum;

- Textile (Cotton)


2) The applications

- advertising stickers;

- security labels;

- transparent files;

- magnetic plates;

- safety pictograms;

- Textile prints (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts);

- glass plates;

- Plexiglas plates;

- The prestige aluminum plates

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