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ETIX labels:

The identification of objects (keys, parts, pipes) is always a concern.


Designed and printed by us, "Etix" offers you a simple solution.


Packaged on standard pre-cut sheets per box of 250 Etix for large sizes (A) (10 pcs / sheet) and 400 Etix for small sizes (B) (15 pcs / sheet), you can order them in printed version 1 face or "Blank Blanco" 2 faces.


Format A: (L) 138 x (W) 37 mm

Format B: (L) 122 x (W) 24 mm


- An option in order of 400 pcs / box is also possible on request;

- Our label supports a load of 100 gr. no problem ;

- two closing diameters: 17 and 37 mm;

- By order of 20 boxes of 250 pieces, possibility to print your logo in Blue PMS 289


Boxes are available from SIGNA.

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